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Chocowinity Real Estate

If you are “not from around here”, it’s unlikely you have heard of “Chocowinity”, the Indian name of our bay and nearby town. By some accounts it means “fish of many waters”. And it’s sounds just like it’s spelled–Chock-o-win’-ity. In any event, it is a beautiful woods, water and friendly place to settle.

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Chocowinity is located on the south side of the river and only about 10 minutes from Downtown Washington. The city continues to grow but still is part of the greater Washington community.

You will be amazed at the beautiful shoreline along the Chocowinity Bay & the Pamlico River where boating, fishing, swimming, water skiing & knee boarding are enjoyed! Many residents find this a wonderful “bedroom community” to Greenville, NC where the commute up HWY 33 is only about a 30 minute peaceful drive with very little traffic.

US and NC freeway on-ramps are two miles away, making getting “there” easy and convenient whether it’s a hop to the beach, getting to the airport, or visiting friends up or down the coast.

Chocowinity has subdivision developments that offer golfing on “world class” courses, incredible marinas, pools and fitness centers.

Chocowinity is an Indian name meaning “fish of many waters”. And it sounds just like it’s spelled–Chock-o-win’-ity. It is a friendly place to call home along the shores of the Pamlico!

Three of the greatest benefits of eastern NC are:

1) There are 4 distinct seasons in the year and the cold weather doesn’t linger like in the northeast. We only have one to two months of cold weather!

2) Chocowinity is only about 90 minutes to Raleigh & about 3 hours to Richmond-giving quick access to international airports & benefits of a larger city.

3) Greenville, only 30 minutes away, has the East Carolina Teaching Hospital which provides easy access for exceptional health care.

Come an check us out….you will love the people!

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