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Buy a Home in Eastern NC Imagine buying your dream home. Let me help you make it happen.

I am a local expert who is ready to guide you through the home-buying process. I am committed to fast, professional, and courteous service to help you understand and feel at ease throughout the home buying process. As a trained and licensed agent who specializes in the Eastern NC area real estate market, I am prepared to find the right home and get the best price.

Why Should I Hire Lydie as My Buyers Agent?

Buying a house is a very exciting time and one that buyers should prepare for.  Whether it’s preparing to get a mortgage or shopping for houses, making a mistake when buying a house can lead to many future headaches.

Most houses that are being sold will have an agent representing the seller, which is frequently referred to as a listing agent or sellers agent.  The listing agent’s main responsibility is to make sure the sellers best interests are being protected.

So how does a buyer make sure their best interests are being protected?  Simple, hire Lydie as their buyers agent and let her guide you through the process!Top 10 reasons to hire Lydie as your buyers agent when buying a house so that you get the best deal possible.  

Understanding these 10 reasons should make it clear that you need representation when buying a house.

  1. It’s Free To Hire A Lydie as your Buyers Agent when the home is listed by a real estate firm. 
  2. Lydie Knows What To Look For When Viewing Houses.
  3. Lydie Understands The Local Real Estate Market and State Real Estate Laws.
  4. Lydie Can Help Evaluate & Secure Financing.
  5. Lydie Will Coordinate Showings.
  6. Lydie Will Know How To Write Real Estate Contracts.
  7. Lydie Will Have Access To Experienced Professionals Needed During A Transaction.
  8. Lydie Will Be Your Negotiator.
  9. Lydie Will Keep The Transaction On Schedule.
  10. Lydie Can Be Your Emotional Filter.

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